Royal Rover is open for business!

We can and are operating with NO contact from customers.

We can operate our pet taxi the same way. So if you or anyone you know is:

  • Delayed from returning home from overseas and the house/pet sitter is unable to stay for an indefinite period
  • In isolation and can't care for their dog (perhaps in a unit and can't take their dog out)
  • Doctors, nurses and medical staff who are working ridiculous hours and unable to get home to care for their pets
  • Hospitalised (God forbid) and unable to care for their dog

Please contact us. Not all dogs are suitable for someone to just come and feed.

We are open for business and prepared to negotiate! Please contact us, but we ask for your patience as due to the overload on the internet and phone service we are experiencing drop outs. Emails should get through.

Stay safe everyone.

Debby & Matt



Welcome to Royal Rover Dog Boarding Kennels

Owned and operated by Matt Lewis and Debby Berryman

Why is it of interest that the kennels are owner operated?
We are our reputation. We take a personal interest in each and every dog that stays here.
When you call to book, you speak directly to the person that will care for your dog, not to a receptionist that passes on the information.

You can be sure that your instructions about diet, medication, exercise, etc will be followed carefully as you will be speaking directly
with a person that will be caring for your dog during it's stay with us.